About Us

Our Owner

Owning a pizza shop has always been a dream for Tom Vanvactor!  Tomelly’s has been in development for about 10 years awaiting the correct location and time to make the dream a reality. Tom is no stranger to business ownership, he discovered very early on that being a entrepreneur was in his blood. He is a self-made and trusted contractor in the tri-state area, where he has displayed many of  his creative talents by creating a new atmosphere with remodeling.  Do All Remodeling has became a local trusted contracting name where he prides himself on being right the first time. Even with the hectic schedule, he still wanted to fulfill his dream of a pizza shop. While working on a remodel for 333 State Street Shopping District, one of the store front became available. He decided this was the right time and place for Tomelly’s to be created. After many nights of remodeling the space, Tomelly’s opened in August of 2018, he wanted Tomelly’s to be different of any other local shops. He wanted a open and modern kitchen where all patrons can see in the kitchen where their food is being prepped and cooked. The atmosphere allows families to come in and enjoy sitting down, enjoying family time. There are really two things that makes Tomelly’s different then any other pizza shops:1. Tom is the only one that makes the dough and knows the dough recipe 2: Our sauce is in house made!